Coffin & Casket Training Videos

Coffin training videos

The fourteen tutorial videos teaches you the manufacturing process of a coffin and raised flatlid casket. It shows each panel and how it is fitted into position. The number 2 infant coffin and casket is used for this, but all the different sizes are shown in the two training manuals, which is included in the package.

There are fourteen separate videos in AVI & MP4 formats (1280 x 720), with subtitles:

Flatlid Coffin
  • Jig with support panels and blocks
  • Preparing side panels
  • Fitting side panels
  • Head and toe inserts
  • Floor panel
  • Lid
  • Skirting
  • Notes
  • Raised Flatlid Casket
  • Main box
  • Skirtings
  • Frame
  • Hinges
  • Lid support and lid
  • Notes

  • Handles and trimmings are covered in the manual and VLC media player is included. View a short demo video here or download the demo here (4.3MB).

    The coffin and casket training manuals will also guide you through the entire manufacturing process from A to Z, including the different sizes of all the panels (see full index here). The manuals were compiled during 14 years of training courses for students. With this you also get the business package - view business package. Also included is a template of the coffin side panels - view template, which is in the shape of a ship, plus a template of the raised lid support of the casket - view template. These templates will make it much easier for you to prepare the wood with the correct angles.

    If you are unable to attend the course itself due to time and/or financial constraints, then this is the most viable option for you to learn how to make a coffin and casket. You don't have to take off work or arrange accommodation and it is also much cheaper than attending the course itself.

    The products that are covered in the video is the flatlid coffin - view image - and the raised flatlid casket - view image. If you have a popup blocker then view images here and here.

    The cost of the package is only R1,150.00. We will place all files on a CD and send the package to your postal address (from our KZN office). View a complete list of what you get here.

    SynopsisTraining Video

  • Tools and machinery
  • Required materials
  • Pains & oxides
  • Staining chipboard
  • Color mixes
  • Constructing a jig
  • Measurements
  • Constructing a coffin
  • Trimmings
  • Dome caskets

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